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On-demand webinar: Inside EMS LIVE! Using EMS data to drive improvement

Expert perspectives on improving patient outcomes


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Improving outcomes starts with identifying opportunities for improvement – the gaps patients are falling through, through delayed or misdiagnosis, or delayed treatment. In this special live episode of the “Inside EMS” Podcast, our host, Chris Cebollero, welcomes Remle Crowe, PhD, to discuss how bidirectional data sharing and analysis can identify areas where quality improvement activities can improve patient care and outcomes.

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“I really enjoyed the knowledge presented. Remle and Chris were AWESOME!”

“Practical things anyone can do to impact quality in EMS.”

“I learned about NEMSQA. What a great resource I never knew about after 38 years in EMS and public health.”

“Chris asked the best questions! Remle had real solid answers.”



L - R: Remle Crowe, Chris Cebollero

Dr. Remle Crowe is an expert in using data to power quality improvement and research initiatives in EMS. From truck clutches to clinical care, she has shown how improvement in science and sound research methodology work to solve problems across fields. As an EMT with a passion for advancing EMS, she earned her PhD in epidemiology and has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications. Now, as director of research at ESO, Dr. Crowe routinely uses data to improve community health and safety.

Inside EMS cohost Chris Cebollero is a nationally recognized EMS leader, best-selling author and advocate. He is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council experienced in speaking, coaching and mentoring. Currently, he is the president/CEO for Cebollero & Associates, a medical consulting firm, assisting organizations in meeting the challenges of tomorrow.