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Watch: EMS student aids injured opponent on lacrosse field

Morgan Dardia, a high school student, lacrosse goalie and daughter of a fire captain, recently completed her EMT courses

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Photo/Barnstable Educational TV

By Laura French

BARNSTABLE, Mass. — When a high school lacrosse player was injured in a collision on the field, the goalie from the opposing team, who happens to be an EMS student and a fire captain’s daughter, rushed to her aid, video shows.

Morgan Dardia, a high school senior and goalie for the Barnstable High School girls lacrosse team, had recently finished her EMT training when her team played a game against Nantucket on Monday, according to CBS Boston. During the game, a collision occurred at midfield in which one Nantucket player was kneed in the mouth and fell to the ground.

Video shows Dardia running across the field to aid the other player, who was bleeding from the mouth. Dardia said she realized the trainers weren’t there yet and that her EMS training kicked in. The injured player, Evelyn Fey, said she was grateful for Dardia’s help and sportsmanship.

Dardia’s father is a Hyannis fire captain and Dardia says she plans to earn her EMS certification, join the Coast Guard and become a firefighter.

“A true MVP. Like her dad Capt. Dardia of the Hyannis Fire Department always there to help those in need. Way to represent you[r] family, team, school and community Morgan,” Hyannis Firefighters Local 2172 wrote in a Facebook post. “The fire service is about tradition, family and compassion. Traits Morgan shows every day.”