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Acadian Ambulance launches accelerated EMT program in Miss. county

The program covers tuition, books and fees in exchange for two years of service

By Bill Carey

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. — Acadian Ambulance is launching its first accelerated EMT class in Harrison County in July.

Classes will be conducted in Gulfport. Through the accelerated program, trainees can become EMTs in just seven weeks, WLOX reported.

Regional Acadian Recruiter Brian Cowart emphasized the importance of providing more medical assistance in Harrison County. He noted that recruits will benefit from learning basic medical care treatment measures and lifesaving skills.

“We are going to train them to make sure they’re well prepared,” Cowart said. “Being able to provide the care that they learn through class and do the best they can for each patient they will encounter.”

Applicants chosen for the training program will be employed full-time by Acadian Ambulance Service. Acadian will cover all fees and costs associated with the EMT course in exchange for two years of service with Acadian Ambulance. Additionally, students will earn an hourly wage while attending the program.