Tactical Medics Group - Tactical Casualty Care programs

Tactical Medics Group LLC is a Texas based tactical medical training company that is a woman owned small business, veteran run organization. This NAEMT Authorized Training Center specializes in NAEMT’s full spectrum of Tactical Casualty Care programs, such as TCCC, TCCC-AC, TECC, LFR-TCC. These “Hybrid” courses are designed to bring these historically ‘Death by Power Point” curriculums alive, to make them a more practical experience given the threats we all face today. Tactical Medics Group is recognized for their excellent training methods, their experienced veteran instructors, most with down range experience, and the value infused into each and every course. No short cuts are taken! Their curriculum is constantly under review and improvements are made on each and every course, making their curriculum one of the best to attend anywhere.

For more particulars on their Enhanced TCCC & TECC curriculum, they provide a 1:4 Instructor/ student ratio for skills stations and a 1:1 Instructor/ student during scenarios. Students establish a solid skills base during skills station with the Crawl, Walk, Run method of instruction before moving on to dead tissue or scenarios. During Scenarios they go all out to give you the best experience possible. Their newly formed drama department provides actors who are aggressors and patients that are moulaged up with fake blood. These actors are wearing clothes that you will cut away in each and every scenario. Compounding stressors are in place to provide further psychological and physiological demands on the students as Tactical Medics Group strives to enhance your earning objectives!

Tactical Medics Groups motto says it all, “Your Survival is our Business”. This states the obvious that they care about the training they provide because your life may depend on it. With this in mind they put 110% into every class and provide you the student with all the tools needed to give you or anyone in your care the best chance of surviving a deadly encounter.



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