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Moulage Concepts crafts Ebola simulation, sterility kit

A colorized spray applied to protective gear highlights unsterile areas


Photo courtesy of Moulage Concepts

Moulage Concepts recently announced its Ebola Training Kit designed for the EMS, hospital, and disease preparedness communities.

The kit features a life-size, interactive Ebola wound that seeps SIM-Safe blood, non-staining and non-food based vomitus, feces, and secretions.

Additionally, the kit includes SterileSafe, a SIM-Safe non-staining liquid formula that can be sprayed directly over personal protective gear. The SterileSafe colorant seeps through if sterility is compromised to highlight areas where contamination may occur.

The products are designed to visually and tactually replicate natural bodily processes. All simulated bodily secretions come in reusable 4 ounce containers.

SterileSafe spray application products with latex-free options are included for multiple training scenarios.

The Ebola Training Kit costs $189 and is available through the Moulage Concepts website.