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Streamline your operations with asset and inventory management, and checklists

ESO’s all-in-one Logistics Management software saves you time and money while maintaining response-ready status for your community

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Divvying up inventory sheets, changing out expired medications and scheduling vehicle maintenance.

Managing these tasks, often spread across various documents and systems, can be time-consuming and daunting. Errors in inventory and checklist management can lead to delays and shortages, affecting patient care.

Compiling data from multiple spreadsheets to prepare statistics and budget reports for your stakeholders on current and future expenditures.

Are you able to efficiently communicate your current and future organizational needs based on this data?

It can be overwhelming for any size fire or EMS agency to maintain accurate accountability of inventory and assets while ensuring checklists reflect the most current information. Often kept on separate spreadsheets, email or internal forms, mistakes in inventory management or checklist oversight/updates can lead to delays and critical shortages. The margin for error is slim, with high stakes in providing the best quality patient care to our communities.

“We used to do all of our inventory through Google Sheets, which worked sometimes, but other times ... it didn’t. We’d mis-key a number and it’d throw off the entire database and account.” — Chamber County EMS Coordinator and ESO customer

ESO’s all-in-one Logistics Management software was created as a comprehensive solution for fire and EMS organizations to streamline operations, in turn, reducing costs, saving time and enhancing the quality of patient care. This modern platform supports three web-based components: asset management, inventory management and checklists.

“The new asset management, inventory and checklist applications will come together to make both EMS and fire departments more modern, intuitive, and actionable,” says Allen Johnson, chief product officer at ESO.

Asset management



Asset management software offers comprehensive tools tracking assets from procurement to retirement all on one convenient built-in dashboard for easy tracking. The software provides a full asset catalog with costs, aiding budget planning by considering asset value and depreciation to support informed budget decisions. Additionally, it aids in audit preparation, maintains accurate records and enhances department accountability through efficient work order management.

Specific features include:

  • Complete catalog of everything you own
  • Maintenance plan, tracking and costs
  • Work tickets
  • Vehicle and equipment data fields
  • Station and location filters
  • Configurable user management and role assignments
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Historical data and trends

Inventory management

Inventory management offers enhanced resource efficiency and minimizes waste by redistributing expiring medications to locations where they are needed most, preventing unnecessary overstocking. It simplifies and expedites the supply replenishment process by managing purchases and sourcing supplies directly through the platform, including integration with Bound Tree Medical and ESO EHR for added efficiency.

Furthermore, it enhances operational readiness by gaining access to real-time inventory levels and insights for all locations, ensuring you are well informed about restocking needs and order statuses.

Specific features include:

  • ePCR and ESO EHR integrations
  • Controlled substance tracking
  • Real-time insights
  • Reorder status
  • Supply vendor integrations
  • Stock checks
  • Action Lists
  • Modern workflow


The checklists feature can simplify your workflows to easily align and standardize your daily operations by integrating with existing workflows or creating new processes. It consolidates all daily checklists into one, covering vehicle and equipment checks, eliminating the need for multiple lists.



This system is beginner-friendly, retaining historical data even when team members change. Access checklists from anywhere, on any device, making it convenient for multiple team members to work at the same time.

Specific features include:

  • Dynamic checklists
  • Auto-generated follow-up tasks
  • Reporting
  • Accessible on any device
  • Cloud-based
  • Modern workflows

Chambers County EMS was one of the first services to implement the benefits of the inventory management platform, enhancing accountability, resulting in a total savings of $25K within a year.

“With ESO, I can log in, see what’s on par, and make my orders right away. I can even switch from truck, to station, to main supply room easily and see all expirations across every place. We can get caught up in one spot.” — Chamber County EMS Coordinator and ESO customer

ESO’s full logistics management bundle integrates with fire and EMS data solutions, enhancing an organization’s ability to maintain accurate inventory records, streamline checklists and ensure accountability of capital assets throughout its life cycle.

To learn more, visit ESO Logistics Management and see how you can improve operations within your fire/EMS organization.

Nicole M. Volpi, PhD, NRP, has experience in emergency medical services, law enforcement, military/civilian disaster response and disaster management research. She currently works full-time as a paramedic, preceptor, and emergency management disaster liaison for a hospital-based emergency medical service in Marrero, Louisiana.

She serves as one of the Louisiana Department of Health Region One EMS designated regional coordinators within the southeast area, responding to various emergencies where EMS support is needed or requested on a local/state level.

She has a PhD from Capella University in Public Safety/Emergency Management and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration from Loyola University in New Orleans.