St. Croix EMS Implements Aladtec - Saves 80 Hours a Month

Public Safety agencies are time critical organizations and any system, equipment or service that saves them time and helps improve processes is vital. One company that is helping hundreds of agencies throughout North America improve the way they operate is Aladtec.  Their SaaS (Software as a Service) system, also called Aladtec, was designed specifically for the Public Safety Sector to schedule staff and perform workforce management tasks.

“When I first started here the process for scheduling staff involved a spreadsheet on a piece of paper. You wrote in your hours and at the end of the month our Administrative Assistant would tally everybody's time. The schedule would be on a grease board in the garage,” explains Brandon Lyksett, EMS Chief, St. Croix EMS, Hudson, Wisconsin. “Taking the time to come in and sign up was very inconvenient. The Aladtec system is much easier. You can even use it from the convenience of your own home, or anywhere, because it’s online.”

“With Aladtec, it saves me about 80 hours a month on scheduling and payroll reporting,” shares Administrative Assistant Joanne Kenney. “Aladtec has provided us with a great system. It saves me time. It saves me effort. And it gives me accuracy for our payroll reports.”

In addition to the employee scheduling component, Aladtec has a number of other features, including online forms and certification tracking. “We use the Forms feature to do rig checks on the trucks. Before we had a book, and at the end of the month someone had to go through and take the old pages out and put fresh pages in. It was cumbersome. We also submit maintenance requests through Aladtec as well. The request goes directly to an email, so whether we’re at home or out of town we’ll know if there’s a maintenance problem right away. I also track certifications for CPR, ACLS, and PALS. If I see that I have five or six people that are expiring in the next couple of months I’ll schedule a class to get them recertified - to make sure that we’re staying current.  It’s very nice to have that ability,” states Lyksett.

The Aladtec system is designed to be customizable.  No two organizations are the same and therefore the way the operate will vary. The software is adaptable to fit each agency’s specific requirements. “I just really enjoy that the Aladtec system is so user friendly, and it's adaptable. You can make it do pretty much whatever you want,” indicates Lyksett.

Providing a robust software system simply isn’t enough.  Aladtec also focuses on customer service. “We’ve had really great support with Aladtec. I know in the first days when we were using it, I could call to ask questions, and they were always very responsive. The support has been wonderful,” adds Kinney.

About St. Croix EMS:  Located in Hudson, Wisconsin on the St. Croix River bordering Minnesota, this agency is the first Advanced Life Support (ALS) EMS service based in St. Croix County. Their unique agency incorporates a paramedic chase vehicle, EMT ambulance and rescue services. They also have a Dive Rescue/Recovery unit.

About Aladtec: They proudly provide online employee scheduling and workforce management software to over 1,800 organizations, primarily within the Public Safety Sector. These customers count on Aladtec every day to help them save time and improve efficiency.  For information about their affordable industry specific options, or to try a free demo, please

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