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Integrating a time and attendance software into your processes provide accountability, payroll accuracy and cost savings for the entire agency. There are many options for employee time clocks and it depends on the environment to choose the best one. For example, an online time clock is a great option when management just wants to have a more accurate payroll, while biometric time clocks are the best option for agencies concerned with security. But what about the agencies who have field employees who start their shift away from the office? Or EMS agencies who focus on working special events? Organizations focused on special events will be best suited with a location-based time clock.

Operational planning during special events can present many challenges for EMS agencies. One of the most common challenges faced is the response time of ambulances to arrive at a scene both at the event and to neighborhoods near the location. It is critical for agencies to know where their employees are,and when they arrive to a site, so there can be assurance that the area is well-staffed for any emergency situations. Fortunately, the growth of mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, allows EMS organizations to implement mobile location-based time clocks into their scheduling processes. Overall, location- based time clocks help with employee management and operational planning.

In contrast to the web-based or biometric time clocks, the location-based time clocks are not limited to your agency’s office; the employees do not have to be at the office to clock in. Instead, employees can clock in and out of work at a specific location radius set up by management. This unique type of time clock relies on permissions and limitations created by management, rather than simply relying on all employees to be upfront and honest about where they are clocking in and out of work.

Below are a few reasons that a location-based time clock is a must have tool for many EMS agencies within the special events sector.

Ease of use for Employees & Management
Gone are the days where a field worker is forced to come into the office just to clock in for their shift. Management will also not have to go in and manually enter employee’s time because of them not being in the office. A location-based time clock now gives the control back to both the manager and supervisor. While a manager will determine the boundary or perimeter that is acceptable for clocking in and out, an employee has more control over their schedule and time when it comes to clocking in. At the end of the day, management is satisfied because employees are punching in and out in the correct place, employees are staying on the jobsite, and employees are happy.  A location-based time clock has the same benefits as a web-based or biometric time clock but can be used anywhere at any time within an accepted perimeter and on any mobile device such as smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Intuitive Online Time Clocks
When connected to a timekeeping software, management can see the punches made from field employees in real time. This means that the moment an employee clocks into a specific location, it will show up as a punch-in stamp within the timekeeping system without needing to download a file or wait overnight for the system to update the data. Once the employee has clocked in, management will be able to capture and record the date, time, and GPS location of the punch. Something to keep in mind: in order for field employees to use any location-based time clocks and management to capture information, they will need to accept permissions on their phone for the GPS to locate where they are.

The same assurance that is given for employees clocking in is given when they clock out. Location-based time clock software will restrict any field employee from clocking out of their shift if they leave the allowed perimeter or boundary. Management always has the option to go in and manually create out punches when needed, but this feature gives the added security of making sure that all timekeeping is as accurate as possible.

EMS Employee Scheduling Software Is Better For Workforce Management
EMS agencies work hard to make their field operations organized at all times. With the location-based time clocks, management can take their workforce to the next level. Agencies can set up an unlimited number of location-based time clocks with unique perimeters simply by entering the address and radius. They will also have a real-time report on who is currently in the field to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of staff at a specific time and place. They will always receive notifications when an employee is running late or leaves early. Whether an EMS agency is concerned with projecting staffing needs or having the information on hand to easily deal with staff problems, location-based time clocks add an important layer of insight to the mix.

eCore’s Location-Based Time Clocks Can Help Your EMS Agency
eCore’s new location-based time clocks for mobile will provide an easy solution for managing your field employees that are always on the go. The new location-based time clocks are equipped with geofencing that keeps you in control even from miles away. This new tool is perfect for agencies who have field employees working regularly at events.

Need an extra layer of flexibility and control with attendance for your EMS agency? The ePro location-based time clocks is an optional timekeeping solution that integrates with the eCore Scheduling platform, ePro Scheduler Plus. The ePro location-based time clock uses geofencing to create a virtual geographic boundary around (an area) by means of google maps and GPS, that enables ePro Scheduler to allow employees to clock in and out from the designated area.  Want to learn more?  Reach out to us today to learn more about the ePro Scheduler location-based time clocks, ePro Scheduler Plus and the additional tools we have available!

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