3 Common Problems ePro Scheduler Solves

ePro Scheduler offers much more than scheduling. Below are a few examples of common problems operations can come across that ePro Scheduler can solve.

Communication Through Management Software

Communication is key when running any type of business. When it comes to running an EMS operation, it is crucial. If an employee calls out sick or requests vacation time, they need to effectively communicate this to their managers so they can track it in their EMS scheduling software.

ePro Scheduler offers unmatched communications across the many features it provides. The message center presents a comprehensive set of tools for sending messages to individuals along with a full set of filters to narrow group messages to supervisors, medics, and dynamic message groups to name a few. Messages can be sent via text message and/or email along with getting sent to the employees ePro Scheduler mailbox. No text or email address, no problem.

When any request is submitted by employees, supervisors and managers are notified. Once a decision is made by the managers, messages are sent to employees with the outcome. Background jobs run at night to send messages to employees and supervisors regarding expiring certifications, vehicle notifications, ePro Tracker statuses, and more. You are never be disconnected with ePro Scheduler Plus!

Scheduling Software to Help Fill Open Shifts

Filling open shifts with the right employee should be easy and intuitive. ePro Scheduler’s Best Fit feature does exactly that. The Best Fit window launches from all schedule management views including the monthly calendar,  the schedule worksheet, and the grid. With availability, department and district filters, and multiple sort features, the Best Fit tool is an extremely valuable tool for crew scheduling.

The Direct Response feature, released in 2016, allows field employees to click a link from a text and/or e-mail, and submit their desire to work the shift. Once requests are submitted, supervisors and managers  select the employee best fit to work the shift. ePro Scheduler saves time and money with an easy, full featured tool by spreading hours to all employees.

Easy Certification Tracking

Certifications and licenses have to be kept up to date in in EMS, Fire, dispatch, hospital and other public service operations. ePro Scheduler provides excellent software, which allow certification tracking of all required certifications and licenses. An unlimited number of certification records can be managed for every employee. We import certification dates for everyone, but your employees can also take a picture of their current or renewed certification and submit it to their profile. The records may contain license numbers, effective date, expiration dates, and note.

When certifications are coming up for expiration, employees and supervisors receive messages with the pending expiration information. They are also displayed on the self-service dashboard for employees see them as soon as they log in to the system. The comprehensive certification reports can be filtered and tailored for your operation.

Besides notifications for expired certifications, ePro Scheduler time clocks can keep employees from punching in to their shift if there is a required certification for a specific shift. ePro Scheduler leads the way with these smart time clock features.

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