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Over 40% of 911 response incidents involve geriatric population, a new report shows along with other prehospital insights to the 65+ age group

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LAKEVILLE, Minnesota - ImageTrend, Inc. released the latest report as part of the company’s Collaborate™ research initiative. Volume 2, Issue 1 of the Collaborate Short Report looks at almost 18 million prehospital patient encounters to deliver quick and comprehensive insights to Prehospital Incidents in the Geriatric Population from January 2019 to June 2022.

The proportion of geriatric incidents in the prehospital setting has increased over the last three years and is expected to continue to do so as the overall population age also increases. This report delivers insights from incident descriptives and community-level social determinants of health that play a factor in the healthcare spectrum, supporting the evaluation of EMS usage for the geriatric population and the ability for other healthcare services to aid in non-emergent prehospital issues.

“The geriatric population relies heavily on EMS for a wide variety of health issues and aid unique to this age group,” said Morgan Anderson, ImageTrend Research Manager and Epidemiologist. “Having the ability to look at prehospital data along with social determinants of health can help pinpoint ways to better serve those in our communities and support a higher quality of life.”

Collaborate is a research and analysis program developed by ImageTrend that is dedicated to the enhancement of healthcare and public safety industries. The Collaborate Short Reports are designed to provide a snapshot of data insights on relevant topics that relate to patient care, crew safety, operational management and public health. They highlight and summarize key findings to drive industry awareness, validation and more in-depth research.

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