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Mobile Companion App Transforms the Way Medics Chart Patient Care From the Field

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ZOLL® Data Systems has unveiled the latest innovation for its flagship, cloud-based ePCR software, ZOLL emsCharts®. A new mobile companion app, ZOLL emsCharts NOW, lets EMTs and paramedics quickly, conveniently, and securely capture critical patient data at the time of contact, using standard mobile devices.

In an emergency, EMS medics may resort to hastily jotting vital patient information on gloves, medical tape, and note pads to sort through and make sense of later. It’s a less-than-ideal situation, but logging into browser-based ePCR software from the field can be difficult — or impossible. Until now, the only viable alternative was a specialized Windows device running full-version software. Those devices are costly to acquire and maintain, and they require significant IT resources.

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Charting takes significant time when done correctly. Medics often describe it as “the worst part” of their day. The ZOLL emsCharts NOW mobile companion app enables users to collect patient data contemporaneously, while they are at the scene. Contemporaneous documentation via a single input point replaces reliance on memory to capture the actions taken and the sequence. It reduces errors and improves compliance, and it also saves time. Users can easily pick up where they left off and complete the ePCR later, from their laptop or desktop computer.

Because the new app is built from the ground up for a high-performance mobile experience, users can enjoy robust field functionality, even when no active internet connection is available. The need for an active, secure internet connection to chart is inconvenient, impractical, and inefficient in rural areas. In developed areas, switching between networks can cause disruptions. Intermittent connectivity results in loss of data and forces recreation of previous documentation. ZOLL emsCharts NOW solves this problem by enabling secure, on-scene documentation that auto-saves to a local database — encrypted at rest and in transit to comply with HIPAA requirements.

Benefits for Medics

The app’s intuitive user interface (UI) saves time and simplifies charting by providing quick, easy access to commonly administered medications and medical interventions. Time-saving features include:

  • Quick-action buttons for rapid access to frequently used fields
  • One-click documentation of common ailments, allergies, and medications
  • Driver’s license barcode scanning to import demographics
  • Voice-to-text capability
  • Information import from dispatch CAD software (address, nature of call, etc.)
  • QR code and link options to transfer ePCR data to other crew members or agencies
  • Timers to log when intervention starts (NARCAN administration, time between medication doses, etc.)

Benefits for EMS Agencies

In addition to delivering real benefits for medics, the ZOLL emsCharts NOW companion app offers compelling value for agencies seeking to reduce equipment costs and lighten the IT burden:

  • App runs on standard iOS and Android mobile devices
  • No configuration for administrators or IT to learn
  • Takes full advantage of devices’ native tools to enable advanced functions not possible on other devices

Readers who would like to learn more about ZOLL emsCharts NOW can visit the ZOLL Data Systems website at or request more information by calling 800-231-8573.

About ZOLL Data Systems

ZOLL Data Systems leads the way in software solutions for both the fire and EMS industries with products and services to help you manage nearly every part of your operation. With solutions for dispatch, personnel and resource management, critical patient care data management and transfer, billing, and first responder safety, the ZOLL Data Systems solutions cover the gamut of first responder operations and truly simplify and maximize business performance.

ZOLL continues to be a pioneer in the medical industry. Continued innovation and integration among ZOLL medical devices and software means critical patient data will get to the people who need it, when they need it.