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SafetyTech International Announces the M95 Full Facepiece Respirator

SafetyTech M95 The SafetyTech International M95 Full Facepiece Respirator is designed to meet the critical hazards encountered in warfare and incorporates the highest standards in NBC protection with unrivaled comfort, reliability and wearer acceptance.

Wearer Comfort

  • The Safety Tech International M95 Full Facepiece Respirator is comfortable to wear even over long periods. Its low breathing resistance facilitates extended wear without adversely affecting user performance.
  • Light in weight: the M95 Full Facepiece (regular) weighs less than 500g, 790g with M95 Cartridge.
  • Small silicone inner-orinasal mask provides a comfortable fit against the skin and reduces dead-space to a minimum (CO2 content of the M95 mask is <0.7%).
  • The M95 Full Facepiece Respirator is fast donning for immediate protection. (Donned and sealed in <8 seconds)
  • The stretch properties of the polyester/Lycra head-harness enhance wearer comfort, particularly over long periods. The head-harness is resistant to chemicals and aging.

Superior anatomical design and durable construction

  • The excellent fit and the user comfort of the M95 Full Facepiece is the result of incorporating extensive facial-form data into anatomically accurate CAD based designs.
  • The M95 Full Facepiece is available in either a Regular or a Small size.
  • Anatomical accuracy of the design is based on a wealth of facial-form data
  • Facepiece has filter connections on both sides in order to facilitate left or right-handed operation
  • Prescription lens frames are available.
  • The M95 Full Facepiece features a leak-proof hydration port allowing intake of >250 ml/min liquid.

Wide field of vision

  • The M95 Full Facepiece Respirator features an extremely wide field of vision, even downwards, due to the close-fitting design of the face mask. Field of Vision >80%.


  • The M95 Full Facepiece Respirators close-fitting design is compatible with tactical equipment used in field operations such as optical, communication equipment, shoulder fired weapons, protective clothing and helmets.

Easily maintained during field operations

  • Maintenance of the M95 Full Facepiece is simple to learn because the design, including the vital exhalation valve, is easy to dismantle and reassemble.
  • The inspection and replacement of valves can be carried out without the aid of tools

High-quality materials for maximum protection

  • Anatomical accuracy means effective fit, enabling the M95 Full Facepiece to offer unmatched protection. (Nominal protection factor is over 10,000 per independent military testing)
  • Halo-butyl rubber used for the M95 Full Facepiece is specially engineered to enhance resistance to all known NBC or CBRN agents.
  • Excellent fire retardant properties
  • 20-year storage life
  • The Safety Tech International M95 Cartridge is NIOSH-Approved (TC-84A-3320) P100/0V/AM/CL/HC/MA/CS/CN, for protection against P100, Organic Vapors, Ammonia, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Methylamine, CS, and CN with the M95 Full Facepiece.
  • The M95 Cartridge is manufacturer-certified to provide protection against all known chemical and biological warfare agents including the nerve agents tabun, sarin and soman, mustard gas blistering agents and blood agents, radioactive and highly toxic nuclear particles; aerosols and micro-organisms; bacteria and viruses. It further protects against a multitude of other hazardous chemicals, many industrial organic gases and vapors, inorganic gases and vapors such as chlorine dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, organic and inorganic acids, such as formic acid, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and hydrogen sulfide and features a 10-year storage life.