LifeBarrier's ProSafetyGrip™ - Welcome to the Next Generation of Personal Protection

LifeBarrier's ProSafetyGrip™ LifeBarrier's ProSafetyGrip™ is the #1 selling search and retrieval tool available on the market today. It is a safe, effective device to protect law enforcement, security, military, hazardous waste, civil and commercial personnel around the World from health hazards involved in handling harmful and/or infectious materials.

The ProSafetyGrip™ acts as an extension of your own hand to prevent needle sticks, razor or knife cuts while searching homes, individuals, prison cells, vehicles or other hidden or hard to reach places. The ProSafetyGrip™ also maintains evidence integrity by preventing cross-contamination, while used in conjunction with Latex tip covers.

If you have to search suspects, cells, crime scenes or handle materials that pose potential health risks, you need the ProSafetyGrip™. There is no reason to use your own hands and risk exposure to harmful or infectious materials. Protective gloves, the old method of protecting personnel, are merely a false sense of security. Even the most advanced safety gloves are at best 90% effective. Don't risk becoming part of the 10% that get stuck with a needle, razor, or other sharp object infected by HIV or some other deadly pathogen.. ProSafetyGrip™ provides a 12 inch barrier between you and potential harm.

Let the ProSafetyGrip™ take the risks! For more information on the ProSafetyGrip™, please contact:
PO Box 6553
Delray Beach, FL 33482-6553
Tel: 1.561.272.4696
Fax: 1.561.272.4492
Web Site:

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