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Advnt Biotechnologies Introduces First Hand-held Assay to Detect 5 Separate Biothreat Agents

Pro Strips(tm) Provides Results in 3 minutes with One Sample, One Device

PHOENIX — Advnt Biotechnologies, LLC, today announced the release of its newest product for the detection of bio-warfare agents. Pro Strips(tm) Rapid Screening System(tm) is the first Hand-Held Assay (HHA) that allows First Responders the ability to quickly detect up to five separate bio-threat agents utilizing just one simple-to-use device. This unique technology detects Anthrax, Ricin toxin, Botulinum toxin, Plague (Yersinia pestis) and SEB (Staphylococcal Enterotoxin B), widely considered to be the most critical concerns of First Responders and military worldwide. Requiring only a single sample, Pro-Strips users are able to detect these five separate threats in as little as three minutes, with a near-perfect level of accuracy and without the need for sophisticated electronics or readers.

“We appreciate how critical it is for our clients to employ devices that are accurate, fast and dependable. Our new Pro Strips line incorporates a highly advanced technology coupled with a radical new design that responds to our client’s demands for speed and accuracy,” said Dan Faubion of Advnt Biotechnologies. “We’ve developed a product that will dramatically change the way First Responders evaluate suspicious powders.”

Encouraged by WMD professionals, Pro Strips was developed after two years of extensive research and development. Said Faubion, “The test was inspired by the urgent request of many in the First Responder community to create a simple, accurate device that incorporated many of the more complex system capabilities but didn’t require multiple samples, bulky equipment or time consuming evaluations.” Pro Strips has no cross-reactivity to dozens of near neighbor strains, including bacillus thuringiensis and bacillus globigii, and no cross-reactivity to hundreds of common household substances. The device has been independently evaluated to show detection capabilities below an infectious dose.

About Advnt
Advnt Biotechnologies, LLC, develops, manufactures and markets the most advanced Hand-held Assays (HHA) in the world for detection of biothreat organisms. The company incorporates highly advanced technologies, including proprietary processes, antibodies and reagents, while engaging both ISO-9001 and cGMP quality control standards. For more information on Advnt Biotechnologies, call 888-223-3269, or visit