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On-demand webinar: EMS in a changing climate: Understanding the impact of extreme weather

Prepare for the impact of extreme weather on critical infrastructure and EMS operations

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As our weather events take on more extreme characteristics from abnormally high temperatures persisting across the globe throughout various times of the year, emergency managers and first responders are often first on scene and last to leave, resulting in higher stress rates per event while having to respond to simultaneous events across their region.

In this EMS1 webinar, sponsored by Lenco, Sunny Wescott, lead meteorologist for the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, provides an overview of climate change impacts to extreme weather events both nationally and internationally. Wescott highlights cascading impacts to critical infrastructure sectors, emergency response capabilities across the United States and international supply chain threats.

Topics covered include extreme heat, extreme cold, prolonged drought, sea level rise, severe storms, torrential flooding, tropical cyclones and wildfires for weather hazards, as well as resiliency planning capabilities being developed across the federal and state governments, and the public-private sectors best practices.


“This is a comprehensive overview that provides lots to consider for EMS professionals.”

“Tons of useful content that offered a better understanding of climate change.”

“The presenter did a really great job of explaining how climate change, weather and our day-to-day lives are so intertwined.”

“A wonderful overview of the subject by a great presenter.”


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Sunny Wescott

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)'s Chief Meteorologist, Sunny Wescott, is a federal emergency response official specializing in national extreme weather hazards and climatological studies for impacts to public and private sector key resources. During her time in the U.S. Air Force as a lead meteorologist, Wescott trained on continental and oceanic weather as the top forecaster for her support region and is considered a subject matter expert for multiple climatological events (e.g., drought, subsidence, wildfires, tropical cyclones and winter storms). Her previous roles within CISA focused on working with emergency response operations for telecommunications and critical infrastructure, which integrated her background of mission support forecasting from her military experience. Wescott graduated top of her class for her degrees in Homeland Security Management, Public Safety Administration and Atmospheric Sciences with her current role in the Infrastructure Security Division, Assistant Chief of Staff office, performing extreme weather outreach by providing focused reports for regions and critical infrastructure operators before, during and after disasters.