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PPE doesn’t have to be cumbersome or costly

Find out how this all-in-one, reusable respirator is designed for comfort, range of motion and easy use

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PPE doesn’t have to be cumbersome or costly. Bullard’s all-in-one, reusable SALUS HC Powered Air-Purifying Respirator can help manage PPE costs while increasing comfort, range of motion and ease of use for EMS workers.


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By Cole Zercoe for EMS1 BrandFocus

The coronavirus pandemic has underscored the precariousness of the work first responders do every day, from facing biological hazards to grappling with the fragility of the supply chain that provides the equipment they need to do their jobs safely and effectively. As the world continues to struggle with the COVID-19 crisis, PPE and infection control have become dominant topics.

Over the past few years, the surging numbers of infections and subsequent PPE shortages have resulted in an uphill battle to keep EMTs and paramedics protected from the threat. Even now, as supply chain issues trickle back toward some semblance of normal, EMS agencies are dealing with the mounting costs of disposable PPE, with the looming risk of a future emergency that could cause the entire supply chain to break down again.

Equipment issues are one of many significant sources of stress emergency workers have faced during COVID, and this stressor, while particularly intense now, exists regardless of whether they’re working in the midst of a pandemic. The last thing EMTs and paramedics should be worried about is their equipment – reliable, easy-to-use PPE that protects first responders without getting in the way or hindering response times is paramount to reducing stress and increasing morale.

PPE doesn’t have to be cumbersome or costly. Here’s a look at how Bullard’s all-in-one, reusable SALUS HC Powered Air-Purifying Respirator can help manage PPE costs while increasing comfort, range of motion and ease of use for EMS workers.


Whether it’s on the scene or during patient transport, the SALUS HC PAPR provides the level of safety first responders need in the unpredictable, uncontrolled environments where they work. Meeting the NIOSH PAPR100-P respiratory protection standard for highly efficient particulate filtration, the SALUS HC PAPR features a HEPA hood to protect the wearer, as well as a HEPA exhalation panel over the nose and mouth that offers extra filtration from biological hazards to protect the patient and whoever else may be on the scene.

The SALUS HC PAPR provides a first line of defense against both infectious respiratory threats and other bodily fluids, offering protection without sacrificing breathability, visibility or hearing. That protection extends to when it’s time to take off the equipment: Its carriage release hook allows for sterile doffing from the side instead of over the head.


As the pandemic drags on, PPE fatigue is a very real problem among first responders. Reducing the amount of components required for the job, increasing the comfort of the equipment and simplifying the process for donning and doffing can go a long way toward fighting such fatigue. The SALUS HC PAPR does just that by providing superior protection for EMS workers while being compact and easy to use.

Unlike multi-part PPE – which can include some combination of N95s, goggles, surgical masks and face shields – the SALUS HC PAPR’s portable, all-in-one design includes a respirator, breathing tube and hood, with a one-button control for simplified operation. This reduces bulk as well as time spent putting on and taking off the gear, making the SALUS HC PAPR well-suited to meet the challenges of fast-paced, high-stress calls.

Comfort is also paramount to battling fatigue and ensuring peak performance. In contrast to waist-mounted PAPRs, which can be heavy and uncomfortable, the SALUS HC PAPR’s ergonomic shoulder-mounted design evenly distributes weight at a high point of the body. It’s made with soft, lightweight durable foam that molds to all body types, and it fits close to the body without squeezing the face. These design details mean the SALUS HC PAPR is suitable for both men and women of all builds (and it’s beard-friendly).

Mobility was top of mind for Bullard’s designers when crafting the SALUS HC PAPR. Its short breathing tube helps prevent potential snag hazards, and its shoulder-carry design makes it easier for EMS workers to be comfortable while sitting in an ambulance or conducting various duties with uninhibited range of motion.


EMS providers need no reminder of the significant costs associated with disposable PPE, especially over the last few years. The SALUS HC PAPR is durable, reusable and designed for easy decontamination. Manufactured in Kentucky, Bullard’s PAPRs are made with fewer parts and suppliers, which helps avoid supply chain issues and enables the company to fulfill requests with short lead times. Bullard has set up a cost-of-use calculator your agency can use to determine how much money you’ll save by switching over from disposable PPE.


In business for over a century, Bullard’s time-tested products are made to keep first responders safe and performing to the peak of their abilities. It’s in the best interest of EMS services to invest in good PPE today, not only for the current pandemic, but for similar emergencies in the future.

To learn more about how the SALUS HC PAPR simplifies PPE while offering superior protection, visit Bullard’s website.

Cole Zercoe previously served as Senior Associate Editor of Lexipol’s and His award-winning features focus on the complexity of policing in the modern world.

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