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KnowFully Learning Group launches Impact EMS Training, merging IA MED with EMT & Fire Training

Merging top providers of EMS certification training, continuing education, and critical care education will serve professionals throughout their careers


Impact EMS


RADNOR, Pa. — KnowFully Learning Group (KnowFully), a NexPhase Capital-backed company and a leading provider of continuing professional education, exam preparation courses, and digital learning solutions to the health care, accounting, and finance sectors, announced the launch of Impact EMS Training, a new unified brand dedicated to providing superior evidence-based education to the diverse emergency medical services (EMS) industry.

In 2021, KnowFully acquired IA MED, a national provider of online training and recertification education for flight and ground paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and nurses. In 2022, it added EMT & Fire Training Inc., a leading national provider of high-quality emergency medical services educational programs.

The creation of Impact EMS merges those two brands into one organization that is uniquely positioned to drive innovation and shape EMS education by nurturing the entire lifecycle of their students’ careers.

“Impact EMS represents KnowFully’s vision for the future of EMS education: one unified organization whose employees share a passion for education, an unrivaled understanding of student needs, and the poise to profoundly impact prehospital care,” said Amy Burmeister, KnowFully’s executive vice president of healthcare education. “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Impact EMS, supporting learners with flexible, high-quality learning opportunities to further their careers and improve patient care.”

With a broad array of course offerings for EMTs, advanced EMTs, emergency medical responders (EMRs), paramedics and nurses, Impact EMS offers a holistic and all-encompassing suite of services catering to student needs at every stage of their educational journey. Its programs include meticulously designed courses that lay a solid foundation for a promising EMS career.

The new brand’s integrated team of professionals will combine comprehensive initial EMS training with advanced flight and critical care medicine knowledge. This unique blend of expertise empowers students to acquire the skills and confidence necessary to excel in their careers, whether they aspire to serve on the front lines of EMS or pursue specialized roles in critical care or aeromedical transport.

As part of KnowFully, Impact EMS will leverage cutting-edge resources, modern instructional techniques, and a vast network of industry connections to provide unparalleled education and training opportunities.

“Driven by rapidly evolving technology and growing patient care needs, the future of EMS education will require great innovation and industry leadership,” said Matt Wertz, KnowFully’s chief executive officer. “Impact EMS is perfectly positioned to fill that need, helping EMS professionals elevate their skill sets and, ultimately, their entire careers.”

In response to the increasing demand for streamlined operations, Impact EMS Training was created to provide an all-in-one Agency Services solution that simplifies education for all. Tailored to the unique needs of hospitals, critical care agencies, and government services, the comprehensive platform will consolidate operations, enhance efficiency, and improve overall performance. This effectively ensures that clients can focus on what matters most – providers who deliver exceptional care and services to their communities.

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