Pyng Medical Adds Three New Products to Resuscitation Line

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Vancouver, BC - Pyng Medical Corp., maker of the award-winning FAST1™ Intraosseous Infusion System, has announced acquisition of three products from Bio Cybernetics International:

  • T-POD® the revolutionary pelvic trauma treatment device
  • MAT® the most effective and user-preferred tourniquet on the market
  • CRIC cricothyrotomy kit, currently in development and pending FDA clearance

“With these three additions to our product portfolio, Pyng is fulfilling our mandate to save lives by saving time through innovation in resuscitation,” said David Christie, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal is to equip emergency medical providers in any situation with the most effective and innovative lifesaving tools.”

T-POD® is used to stabilize patients with severe or “open-book” pelvic fractures. The only device available offering simultaneous circumferential compression, its unique Mechanical Advantage Pulley provides quick, effective and lifesaving universal compression of the pelvic region.

The MAT® tourniquet is used to staunch bleeding for patients with seriously injured or severed limbs. It is unique on the market as the only single-handed operation tourniquet, the only commercial tourniquet that works on a trapped limb, and the fastest tourniquet to occlusion.

CRIC™ cricothyrotomy kit is currently under regulatory review by the US Food and Drug Administration and is being developed with funding support and design input from the US Department of Defense (DOD) for the purpose of equipping US military medics. As with Pyng’s other products, CRIC™ is designed to provide significant improvements in speed, efficacy and safety to lifesaving medical procedures worldwide.

About Pyng Medical Corp.
Pyng Medical Corp. manufactures award-winning trauma and resuscitation products for front-line critical care personnel. Creators of the FAST1™ Intraosseous Infusion System, Pyng’s expanded portfolio includes a variety of innovative, lifesaving tools. With growing markets in North America, Europe and Asia,Pyng’s product line offers user-preferred medical devices for use by hospitals, emergency medical services and military forces worldwide.


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