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Photo of the Week: A symbol of the times

EMS providers from MedStar Mobile Healthcare create art out of COVID-19 clearance bands

Zavadsky POTW.png

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Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, EMT, chief strategic integration officer MedStar Mobile Healthcare in Fort Worth, Texas; and the president of NAEMT, posted this photo, with the following commentary:

MedStar’s team members are screened for COVID symptoms before they enter the campus.

Once screened negative, a colored band is placed on their wrist for the day.

This not only signifies they were screened for on-campus activities, but the other healthcare facilities use this identification as clearance into their facility without a secondary screening.

Look what one of our enterprising field providers did with all their wrist bands (and their ‘EMS Super Hero’ Decal!


Photo/Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, EMT

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