Rontan Lighting Products go High-Tech with New S-Series

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TARPON SPRINGS, FL. – Rontan North America, Inc. has launched its latest generation of lightbars and auxiliary lighting products for law enforcement, emergency response and service vehicles. Designated the S-Series to denote serial connectivity, the highly efficient LED light assemblies incorporate 100% digital technology for improved efficiency and easier operation and installation, according to Eros Vladovich, president and CEO, Rontan North America.

Best known for its Winglux® lightbar – now the Winglux-S® – a swept-back, aerodynamic assembly with 360-degree visibility and modern styling, Rontan also offers interior lighting products for undercover vehicle s. Those include the Vizorlight-S®, Decklight-S® and Slimlight-S®. All have been redesigned with S-Series technology and offer a wide range of standard features, related Vladovich.

“We have listened to customers and installers and continue to refine our products to meet their evolving needs,” he said. The feature-laden S-Series includes brighter LEDs, a dimming function, cruise light mode, intersection flash pattern capability, and a stealthier appearance, he notes. All S-Series products are engineered with Rontan’s two-wire technology for ease of installation and quick programming,” added Vladovich.

All Rontan lighting products are programmed through firmware, not hardware, eliminating bulky wiring harnesses. Flash patterns can be easily programmed, even sent over the Internet and downloaded into the lighting controller. Online troubleshooting capability is also new in the S-Series, Vladovich explained.

With the S-Series introduction comes the new ICM 4 0 Interface Control Module, an industry-first device that can be used to upload and download data between Rontan and users and to clone flash patterns from other controllers, said Vladovich. He noted that the device is designed to allow Rontan S-Series lighting products to be controlled by any competitor’s controller.

“The ICM serves as a translator, capturing commands from another manufacturer’s controller into our own serial protocol in order to activate and control our lighting products,” he explained. “That can be important when an agency wants to switch to Rontan lighting products but might not have the budget to also buy our controllers.”

Rontan’s signature Winglux-S® lightbar remains unchanged in outward appearance, except for modifications to the aluminum chassis which give it a stealthier appearance, observed Vladovich. He noted that due to the swept-back design of the WingLux, at least three light heads are visible at all times, providing exceptiona l off-axis side visibility. Directional stick functionality, flashing take-downs and alley lights, cruise lights, and a dimming function are included as standard.

The lightweight, low-profile Winglux-S features a durable, one-piece polycarbonate dome and triple rubber sealing surfaces for superb weather-tight integrity, he pointed out. Plug-and-play operability and modular design of the light heads facilitate installation, quick color changes, and field upgradeability, said Vladovich. User-selectable flash patterns can be configured to meet any requirements.

All Rontan North America products are SAE compliant and meet Calif. Title 13 standards. Up to four light heads can be programmed for steady-burn capability if required. Front and rear cut-offs as well as other customer-requested capabilities have been incorporated into the new S-Series products, he added.

Rontan North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multi-national group of Rontan compani es headquartered in Brazil. Rontan North America products are designed specifically for the U.S. market and assembled in facilities at Tar pon Springs, Florida. A nationwide sales and service network operates to support users of the products.

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