Emergency/Triage Lights Starts White House Petition

Washington, D.C. -- Emergency/Traige Lights petitions the Obama Administration to establish a national citizens illuminated identification system to identify survivors in aftermath of disaster.

We are proposing that a simple method for identifying survivors and non survivors in the aftermath of a disaster be recognized & adopted.Today, every disaster has a similar scene once it has passed. Survivors trying to get the attention of responders during the day. Lets use the night as a friend, SAR stops at night! I am proposing that when a disaster warning is issued the affected population do what they normally do to prepare but add 1 step. Tag yourself and loved ones with an illuminated display. Tag children with constant red light, women with constant green light, men with constant blue light. Once the disaster passes survivors change their lights to a flashing selection. Now first responders use the night to do flyovers and pre-plan first light operations for days. Help responders help us.

For more information, visit http://wh.gov/Twp.

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