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Flow-Safe® II+ and WoundClot™ selected as JEMS Hot Products from EMS Today 2019

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Mercury Medical accepts two 2019 Hot Products Awards at the 2019 EMS Today in National Harbor, Md. From Left, Deb Olson, director of marketing, Steven LeCroy, director of EMS sales and Scott Horowitz, senior product manager.

Flow-Safe II+ and WoundClot were among 14 innovative new products for emergency medical services and prehospital care.

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Mercury Medical and JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services) are proud to announce the selection of Flow-Safe II+ Disposable BiLevel CPAP device and the WoundClot Next Generation Hemostatic Agent as winners of the Hot Products Award from the JEMS EMS Today Conference & Exposition, which was held February 20–22 in National Harbor, Md. Mercury Medical was the only company to win multiple awards.

Flow-Safe II+ and WoundClot were selected after a panel of judges consisting of emergency medical services (EMS) product specialists, physicians, educators, managers and paramedics reviewed a host of product contenders designed to not only improve the ability to deliver optimal emergency medical care to sick and injured patients, but also allow EMS agencies to do it safely, more efficiently and with enhanced comfort for the patient.

Products were evaluated based on four distinct categories: 1) Originality; 2) Functionality; 3) Ease of use; and 4) Need in the EMS setting. Flow-Safe II+ and WoundClot were two of only 14 products selected as Hot Products after the EMS Today Hot Products team reviewed and rated dozens of products submitted by a number of companies.

Mercury Medical CEO and President John M. Gargaro, M.D. said, “We were delighted to be a multiple winner of the 2019 Hot Product Award at the recent JEMS EMS Conference and Exposition. This speaks volumes about our employees at the Company and their continuous focus on nurturing and developing leading edge products in the markets we serve.”

Flow-Safe II+ is the first disposable Bilevel CPAP system in the United States. This customized system provides clinicians every item needed for delivering BiLevel CPAP and CPAP therapy. Flow-Safe II+ is a single patient use device that includes an adjustable full-face mask and manometer that provides verifiable CPAP and BiLevel IPAP and EPAP pressures which are critical in delivering timely and continuous therapy. This third-generation system uses 50 percent less oxygen than the original Flow-Safe CPAP System. In addition, it eliminates the need for costly capital equipment maintenance and helps prevent the potential cross contamination from patient to patient from the typical expensive respiratory capital equipment in hospitals, surgery centers and pre-hospital environments.

WoundClot, the Next Generation Hemostatic Agent is a patented advanced bleeding control hemostatic gauze that will prove to be a game-changer in immediate and life-saving use situations by providing for the temporary stoppage of severe blood loss. This, for example, will enable EMS providers and the ER at hospitals the capability to address accident victims’ wounds whether they be punctures, lacerations or abrasions. Once WoundClot comes into contact with blood, the solid gauze converts to an expanding gel and can absorb 2,500 percent its weight, quickly and effectively stopping severe blood loss. The biodegradable gauze is non-exothermic and contains proprietary molecular groups created in the manufacturing process which then work directly with the body’s own repair process to form a natural clot in the wound. Once the patient reaches definite treatment, the gelatinous membrane is easy to remove. Mercury Medical is the exclusive distributor of WoundClot Hemostatic Gauze.

JEMS Editor-in-Chief and EMS Today Conference Chairman A.J. Heightman said, “There were an amazing group of Hot Product submissions for our reviewers to review and rate this year. All of the products reviewed were extremely innovative and well designed for the EMS industry, showing that our industry is keeping pace with the current science of emergency medicine and developing or upgrading their products to stay out in front of the science and technology curve.”

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