EMS Today 2009 Product Roundup: Mobile Data / Data Management

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Technology continues to explore new ways in which we access information in our daily lives. As a result, first responders now have even more options for how they input, access, transmit and download information while out in the field. Here is a glimpse at data management offerings at EMS Today in Baltimore.

Philips Healthcare
Sitting at the central hub of the Philips Healthcare booth, was the Connected Care data management system, which features an open data interface that delivers information in real-time.

In the case of a STEMI patient, the Connected Care system can receive 12-lead ECGs from Philips HeartStart MRx monitors via the Internet and Bluetooth technology. The monitor can also transmit important information such as event triggers, pulse oximetry and vitals.

The Connected Care system also features an open interface that provides toolkits for integrating with third party ePCR programs. Members of the Indianapolis Fire Department were able to walk over to the Philips booth with their existing tablet system and, with some assistance, become integrated into the Connected Care system. For more information, visit the Philips Healthcare Web site.

New at the Physio-Control booth was the introduction of LIFENET, a data management system that allows providers to set up early STEMI notice in order to reduce door-to-balloon times.

Touted as the only web-based system in the market, providers in the field can transmit 12-leads via Bluetooth to an IT server at the appropriate facility within several seconds. The system is described as easy-to-use, with no additional dedicated equipment or servers required.

According to the Web site, the STEMI Management Solution is offered as a subscription service to departments and there are “no servers to install, no hosting to manage, no maintenance to worry about.” For more information, visit http://www.physio-control.com/products/information-management/clinical/product-detail.aspx?id=566.

Zoll Medical
Zoll’s RescueNet data management system focuses on the complete call, from initial contact with dispatch to payment of services. RescueNet focuses on streamlining the entire data process in order to increase efficiency and capability.

According to a Zoll representative, RescueNet features a series of systems that work together or independently with third party systems. The system allows information to be transmitted and shared among distpatch, the mounted terminal in the ambulance, and providers using mobile data hardware out in the scene.

Constructed in an open architecture format, RescueNet is comprised of separate systems that address individual aspects of data management, such as for CAD, billing, ePCR and mobile data. For more information, visit http://www.zoll.com/product.aspx?id=407.

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