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Updated July 9, 2014

Are you an EMS nerd? Test your trivia knowledge of EMS lore, back from the days when giants rode the streets!

Bledsoe's EMS Trivia Quiz

1. What is the plural of pleura?

2. Your patient has a blood glucose level of 4.2 mmol/L. Is this high, low or normal? Convert the reading to milligrams per deciliter.

3. What is Hennebert’s sign and what condition is it indicative of?

4. How is Arnold’s Nerve stimulated? What effects result from stimulation of Arnold’s Nerve? What nerve is Arnold’s Nerve a part of?

5. The ligamentum teres is a remnant of what embryonic structure?

6. What is the appropriate treatment when an IV infusion of norepinephrine or dopamine extravasates?

7. Who invented the esophageal obturator airway (EOA)?

8. What was the first dedicated civilian medical helicopter program in the United States?

9. Who was the publisher of the first version of Nancy Caroline’s Emergency Care in the Street?

10. What company provided the ambulances used in the television show Émergency!?

11. What is the purpose of adding lactate to Lactated Ringer’s solution?

12. Your Spanish-speaking patient is telling you, “Estoy embarazada.” What are they trying to tell you?

13. Which company published the now defunct Emergency magazine?

14. What are the three Greek humors?

15. What is a reticulocyte?

16. What was the name of the ambulance company in the movie Mother, Jugs & Speed, and what did it stand for?

17. DRT is an abbreviation for what?

18. What was the drug Hyperstat used for?

19. What was HelaFoam used for?

20. When your partner said, “We are going to hang three,” what did he mean?

21. How many grams of glucose are in a liter of D5W?

22. What is an MICN?

23. What ambulance was known as Moby Pig?

24. What slang term for MICU was used by many EMS operations in the 1970s?

25. Who are Joe and the Deer?

26. Who published the first EMT textbook in full color?

27. Who manufactured the orange Biophone used in the Emergency! television series?

28. What is an oral screw and when is it indicated?

29. Which actor from the television show Emergency! was the only one who was a certified firefighter?

30. Which individual shot or stabbed the largest number of people in the United States (and Canada)?

Check out how well you did on the trivia quiz. Click here for the answers. Think you know more random EMS facts than your peers? Post your score in the comment section below!




Scoring Rubric:

28 - 30 questions correct:  Acute psychiatric hospitalization needed
25 - 27 questions correct:  Get a life
22 - 24 questions correct:  Get a hobby
19 - 21 questions correct:  Get a book
16 - 18 questions correct:  Average
15 or less questions correct:  Rookie or burn-out




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