Parents form Business to Promote Safety Magnets

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Great for Fundraiser: Refrigerator Magnets Tell You What To Do In An Emergency

CHANDLER, AZ, - Two families have banded together to produce a series of simple refrigerator magnets that give life-saving steps in an emergency. The premise of these magnets is pretty simple: when an emergency occurs, for example, a heart-attack, do you really have time to find that often misplaced first aid guide to save a life?

In most cases, “No” says Pete Weisberg, President of Safety Magnets™, which is the name of both the magnet product line and company. “When there is an emergency at home, whether it’s a child choking, a poisoning, or someone having a heart-attack, you want information on what to do at your fingertips.”

“Taking a first aid class is great”, says Christine Stevens, Safety Magnets™ Owner and Creative Director, “but retaining that information can be a problem.CPR is a great example. We all know thatresuscitating someone could involve chest compressions and assisted breathing, but do we know how many or how often? With Safety Magnets™, you get that information right on the magnet and you can stick it anywhere magnetic such as on your refrigerator or medicine cabinet.”

Safety Magnets™ feature illustrations of each of the steps as well. “We don’t just give you words on a magnet”, comments Mr. Weisberg. “We’re not baking a cake here; you need to know what to doto help save a life.”

Currently Safety Magnets™ is targeting different segments: Families of course are natural fit, but other individuals, organizations, and businesses are using them as a promotional product and for fundraising. Hondo VFD in New Mexico found Safety Magnets through the company’s website (, and ordered 1500 CPR Safety Magnets™ for their annual fundraiser. “First-aid messages don’t get thrown out at the end of the year like other calendar or sport schedule promotional magnets”, explains Mr. Weisberg.

“Schools, fire departments, and other organizations looking to have fundraisers are a great opportunity for us”, comments Mrs. Stevens. “We both have kids in school and think that rather then selling candy or other items to raise money, why not offer Safety Magnets™ instead?”

About Safety Magnets™
Safety Magnets™, is wholly women owned business and is part of the Rasey-Nickell Group, L.L.C., based in Chandler, Arizona. More information on Safety Magnets can be found at its website at

Product Disclaimer      `                      
The recommended treatments on Safety Magnets™ are believed to be compatible with the standards generally accepted at the time of design and publication. We urge you to obtain more information concerning First Aid, including taking approved First Aid classes for hands-on experience. These magnets are intended as a reminder, not a substitute, for professional medical personnel. Safety Magnets™ disclaims any liability, loss, injury, or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents on these magnets.

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