Fire Department Uses Ambu SmartMan’s Objective Measurement to set a Standard for CPR Skills Performance Levels

Ventura County, CA. – Recent science has shown us the importance of performing CPR well. It does influence survival of a victim. In March this year, San Jose Fire Department became the first department to implement objective assessment of CPR skills as a requirement for all CPR recertification.

1) SmartMan used to Create a Target Competence Level Ambu SmartMan was used to sample performance skills from the trainers. This was used to establish a normal curve for CPR skill levels and to set a target performance level for every member of the department.
2) 700 People Coached and Tested Over a period of four weeks all members of the department were tested on 4 Ambu SmartMan Units. Trainers provided members with a brief introduction to SmartMan. Then each person received hands-on practice which included a short coaching session if it was required. Every member was then tested on 1 person CPR.
3) The Next Stage In their ongoing concern for raising the quality of service to the victim, they will next use SmartMan to examine retention rates for CPR skills.

The overall objective is to raise performance of CPR skills to as high a level as possible with the aim being to see survival rates improve

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