EMT revives dog with CPR in middle of sled race

Musher and EMT Frank Moe suspended his racing to perform CPR on an opponent’s dog who collapsed after choking on a piece of ice

By EMS1 Staff

QUEBEC, Canada — An EMT who was taking part in a sled race saved the life of an opponent’s dog by performing CPR.

The Week reported that EMT Frank Moe happened to pass by musher Anny Malo 25 miles into the 150-mile CopperDog race and saw that she was trying to help one of her dogs.

Malo said the dog had collapsed after choking on a piece of ice, so Moe suspended his racing and performed CPR on the dog.

The dog was revived and tucked safely into Malo’s bag for the rest of the race.

Moe finished 11th in the race but received a sportsmanship award for his efforts, as well as a standing ovation from the crowd.

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