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Army National Guard Given Readyplan to Keep their Families Safer

www.InCaseOfEmergency.USArmy National Guard Readiness Center, Arlington Virginia distributes, 2000 ReadyPlan™ Family Emergency Response Organizers by www.InCaseOfEmergency.US to aid their families in emergency preparedness.

www.InCaseOfEmergency.US distributed 2000 ReadyPlan™ - Emergency Response Organizers and ReadyLifeline™ Medical Identification Wallets to the Army National Guard in Arlington Virginia during Memorial Week to aide them and their families to be better prepared and ready to handle emergencies and disasters.

The ReadyPlan™ personal emergency response organizer that was distributed is an innovative way for families to create emergency and disaster preparedness plans. It was designed to aid an individual or family before, during and after an emergency or disaster, whether at home, work, school, or traveling.

And the resource section will help them quickly access their important personal contacts for Family and Friends in and out of your area. The resource section also includes Emergency Medical Agencies, City, State, Federal and National Organizations for vital information for emergencies and disasters that are most likely to occur in their area.

The ReadyPlan™ is easy to fill out, is best stored in an ICOE.US Emergency Travel Pouch with other needed items, such as extra pair of glasses, a small first aid kit, change, identifications, documents etc. and store with an individual’s emergency and disaster kit for quick evacuation.

It was designed with input from Medical Emergency Personnel, Fire Department Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, Red Cross and the Department of Homeland Security etc. in a format that can be accessed quickly by the public or first responders.

The ReadyBooksSeries™ of five personal emergency planning and response books, includes ReadyLifeline™, ReadyPlan™, ReadyHome™, ReadyAuto™ and ReadyVet™ for your pet. Each Readybook™ is specifically targeted to key areas of our life that we need to have organized in order to manage them in an emergency or disaster. (Our Medical information, if the infrastructure were to go down, our Homes for faster disaster recovery process, our Pet’s Medical History if they go to an evacuation center, our Vehicles and one for creating a family emergency plan.)

These emergency organizers are specifically designed for individuals and families to help them be ready for the expected and prepared for the unexpected with minimal effort.

Each of the ReadyBooks Series™ can be branded and customized for agencies, and corporations.

Presently, Government agencies and CERT Teams (Community Response Teams) that back up the Fire Department for Emergencies and Disasters are giving the ReadyPlan™ personal emergency preparedness organizers to aid them in preparing their families for emergencies and disasters.

The ReadyLifeline™ Medical Emergency Identification Wallet that was also distributed at the event to the 2000 employees allows for their critical medical information, medications, allergies, and personal and insurance contacts to be readily available along with their insurance cards. Quick access to critical information when time and accurate information is important.

About www.InCaseOfEmergency.US:
www.InCaseOfEmergency.US™ – a San Diego Company is the first to implement a real solution for Homeland Security and the Red Cross call for creating a Family Preparedness Plan. The ReadyBooks Series™ all have a simple format and fast access tabs allow for information to be viewed quickly by individuals, caregivers or emergency personnel.

www.InCaseOfEmergency.US is CERT certified (Community Emergency Response Team that supports the Fire Department) and is dedicated to assisting individuals, families, communities, non-profits, corporations, government agencies, in getting started with their emergency and disaster preparedness plans. These Personal Emergency Organizers were created by a family all eager to be a part of getting prepared. If they can assist you or your organization please contact them at www.InCaseOfEmergency.US ( or call 858 756 6103.

ReadyBooks™, ReadyLifeLine™, ReadyPlan™, ReadyHome™, ReadyAuto™ and ReadyVet™ Registered trademarks of InCaseOfEmergency.US. ™