Tips for the new boss at the station

Being the new guy in a leadership position can be a tough job. Not only do you have to take on new and difficult responsibilities, you also have to learn the nuances of your department, and earn the respect of your employees from the very beginning.

Here are five general strategies for the new boss to keep in mind.

  • 1. Don't get too close too quick.
    The easiest way to gain approval from employees is to shower them with attention and approach them as friends.
  • 2. Be in power with, not over.
    When you are in power with your team, they feel honored, respected and appreciated.
  • 3. Find sources of honest feedback.
    You have to realize as the new boss that people might try to butter you up. So when you ask your favorite employee what she thinks of your leadership skills and she has nothing but glowing things to say, be skeptical.
  • 4. You can delegate.
    You shouldn't isolate yourself. Communicate your goals repeatedly to your crewmates and see how those might flow down into their responsibilities.
  • 5. Keep learning.
    Learn the culture of the department.


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