Ohio town plans Public Safety Awareness Day

By Jennifer Steck
The Whiz News

ZANESVILLE, Ohio — It's going to be a day to honor and recognize those who keep us safe on a day to day basis.

The Mid-East Adult Center for Education is teaming up with Secrest Auditorium for a public safety awareness day. The event is in the early stages of planning to recognize and honor fire fighters, peace officers, EMTs and paramedics in the Southeast Ohio seven county area.

"They (each county) Will actually be selecting for their county, a recipient of a firefighter of the year, peace officer of the year, the EMT of the year and a paramedic of the year. Then those 7 who are selected will then be submitted to a committee who will select the regional, which that would be SE Ohio award winners of the year." Says Mid-East HRD Coordinator, Janice McFerren.

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