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Quiz: Airway anatomy and procedures

From vocal cords to alveoli, and mmHg to Lpm: Test your airway knowledge

Airway management proficiency is crucial in EMS, where correctly applying airway management techniques can mean the difference between life and death. To assist in reinforcing this vital knowledge, we’ve developed a quiz focusing on essential airway management terminology.

This quiz is designed to challenge and evaluate your understanding of various terms and concepts related to airway anatomy, physiology and procedures. From identifying the narrowest parts of the adult and pediatric airways to understanding the function of different airway structures, this knowledge is fundamental to effective prehospital care.

Whether you’re a seasoned paramedic or a new EMT, this quiz offers a valuable opportunity to test and refresh your knowledge. Dive in and see how well you can navigate the complexities of airway management terminology.

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Take the quiz below or access it here.

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