EMS1 Columnist Grayson Releases New Paramedic Stories Book

While some will see Steven “Kelly” Grayson as simply a “good ‘ole boy,” from rural Louisiana, his rough nonchalant exterior covers a driven critical care paramedic who shares the deepest, rawest, funniest truths of his profession in "EN ROUTE: A Paramedic’s Story of Life, Death, and Everything In Between" (Kaplan Publishing; Hardcover; Pub date: March 3, 2009; this new hardcover is based on a self-published paperback).

Grayson’s unique voice is brimming with candor and good humor and readers will feel as if they’ve been swept up with Grayson and his partners, heading out on calls, never knowing if they are in for a hysteric joyride or a heart-pounding adventure. Some calls are filled with humorous insights into the human condition and sweet old ladies (even one who tries to commit suicide by drinking fabric softener and tries to explain it away with the excuse that she thought it was milk) while others are adrenalin infused thrill rides where split second decisions mean the difference between life and death.

Grayson’s first days on the job are filled with the mistakes every rookie makes and this “on the job training” is where he learns to take command of his profession, propelling Grayson to become an EMT of the highest order and a mentor to thousands of aspiring EMTs.

All the drama of the EMT life is not at the scene of an accident or in the rocking, lurching back space of a racing ambulance. Rivalries between competing ambulance companies are frequent and power struggles within the medical hierarchy of doctors, nurses, and policemen play out behind the scenes. Grayson does not shy away from this reality of personality conflicts and mixes in tales of practical jokes with nurses and moments of mutual respect within all the areas of the medical profession. A normal consequence of this emotionally and physically demanding job is the danger of a professional malaise which fortunately plays out before Grayson hits a professional burn out wall and reaffirming this calling.

Packed with over forty stories, "EN ROUTE" entertains and informs in the first person and in a way that penetrates both the EMT life and the colorful characters of rural Louisiana.

About the Author:
Steven “Kelly” Grayson is an EMS Instructor Coordinator, and owner of an EMS education and consulting firm. He is the creator of the popular blog and a regular columnist for 

"EN ROUTE: A Paramedic’s Stories of Life, Death, and Everything In Between"
Steven “Kelly” Grayson
Kaplan Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4277-9971-5
Price: 24.95
On sale: March 3, 2009

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