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3 scenarios where you’ll be glad you have this rugged case

Pelican’s newest lightweight and durable case is built specifically for EMS and fire needs


The Pelican Air 1465 EMS Case is lightweight, rugged and water resistant


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By EMS1 BrandFocus Staff

EMS crews get into some sticky situations – sometimes literally. Whether it’s being called out in any weather, being exposed to chemical or biological hazards or just moving as quickly as possible to get to the next call, you need gear that can stand up to the rigors of the job.

Pelican has introduced a new purpose-built case – the Pelican Air 1465 EMS Case – specifically for EMS and fire agencies that need a rugged, lightweight and adaptive case to carry medications, supplies and even controlled substances into any environment, dry or wet. It’s also quick and easy to decontaminate.

Pelican cases are known for their toughness, due to a durable polymer exterior designed to stand up to any environment that fire and EMS responders can put them through, like these:

1. All-Terrain Response

Your fire department is tasked with off-road rescue operations for recreational ATV rider accidents, hiking injuries and mountain biker incidents. You respond to incident sites using a customized all-terrain response vehicle fully stocked with a cot, Stokes basket, ALS medications and other rescue supplies.

Needless to say, this vehicle faces all sorts of elements, so you need a rugged case to store and protect your medical and trauma supplies.

Unlike soft bags, which can get soiled with dirt and bodily fluids, a hard case like the Pelican Air 1465 is easily washed and sterilized, inside and out. This is especially crucial for fire and EMS crews who have to worry about chemical and biological contaminants.

You’ll also want to minimize your load. Engineered from a proprietary resin to be both strong and lightweight, the Pelican Air 1465 EMS Case weighs in at only 13.4 pounds – less than your cardiac monitor or even your combination scoop/backboard. In fact, this new case is 40 percent lighter than most standard Pelican cases but still rugged enough for emergency response.

2. Secure storage

Your EMS agency staffs medical tents and small response vehicles at a number of community festivals, races and concert events. While your medical tent is a fairly secure environment, the equipment on your response vehicles is often not as secure. The opportunity for theft or tampering is a reality.

To combat this, you want a solid case that offers multiple layers and elements of security, not just a cut-through or zip-open fabric bag. The Pelican Air 1465 EMS Case solves this problem. Not only can you lock its exterior layer, but internally, you can also lock and secure its internal components to provide an added layer of security for controlled substance storage.

3. Water Response

Your agency works hand in hand with local watercraft patrol and response crews to keep your waterways safe during different river, lake or oceanfront events. It’s obvious that you need a water-resistant case to keep your supplies safe, clean and dry as you traverse the water, board other vessels or simply travel to and from incidents.

The Pelican Air 1465 EMS Case features a water-resistant seal to keep your supplies dry and clean until you reach the patient.

The entire case is IP66 water resistant, means the case is protected from splashing water, no matter the direction. This means you don’t need to worry about setting your supplies in a water puddle, accidentally making contact with bodily fluids or getting soaked in the rain or on the water.


Whether you’re responding on an engine company or ambulance, the Pelican Air 1465 EMS Case is designed with purpose in mind, with specific features to meet the needs of fire and EMS providers, including a lockable tray section for secure controlled substance storage, an external sharps bin holder to keep your sharps separate from any inside contents and an adjustable shoulder strap – something that hard cases typically haven’t offered.

Made in the USA, the Pelican Air 1465 EMS Case comes in safety orange and is airtight, water resistant, dustproof, crushproof, chemical- and corrosion-resistant to keep your medical supplies and equipment safe, secure and accessible in the field.