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On-Demand Webinar: What paramedics want – Insights and analysis from the EMS trends survey

Action items to advance operations, adapt service delivery, and recruit and retain the talent of the future

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In the EMS trends survey, we examined perceptions and experiences across the country on topics like staffing, clinical adoption and hope for the future, finding some parallels, and some change.

When the concerns and issues remain steady through good times and bad, it’s clear they are persistent and deeply rooted – and it will take thoughtful, bold and compassionate leadership to tackle them.

In this EMS1 webinar, sponsored by Verizon, a panel of rising EMS leaders who contributed their analysis to the What paramedics want in 2022 report share their interpretations and action items with the goal of translating data into information, and information into action.


“I like how the panel did not shy away from addressing the real challenges. I appreciated that they focused on issues that were brought up in the survey and stayed on point.”

“Great panel of knowledgeable practitioners with lots of real world insights to build on the survey results.”

“I enjoyed the openness of the conversation, important topics in today’s profession.”

“Good ideas from some great EMS leaders.”

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Speakers from left to right: Carly Alley, Maria Beermann-Foat, Maia Dorsett, Rob Lawrence, John (JP) Peterson and Casey Patrick

Carly Alley

Carly Alley is the executive director for Riggs Ambulance Service in Merced, California. Alley served as a firefighter-EMT in the U.S. Forest Service while earning her paramedic certification. After being hired by Riggs, she transitioned to the agency’s tactical EMS program, where she spent 10 years as the team leader.

Maria Beermann-Foat, PhD, MBA, NRP

Maria Beermann-Foat, PhD, MBA, NRP, is EMS training coordinator for Eugene Springfield Fire in Oregon. She retired as battalion chief of operations for MED-ACT Emergency Medical Services in 2021.

Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD, FAEMS, FACEP

Maia Dorsett is the Monroe-Livingston associate EMS medical director for education and quality and the medical director for EMS Education Programs at Monroe Community College. She was elected to both the NAEMSP and NREMT board of directors in 2022.

Rob Lawrence

Rob Lawrence is the director of strategic implementation for PRO EMS and its educational arm, Prodigy EMS, and executive director of the California Ambulance Association. He is an AIM-HI board member and chair of the American Ambulance Association’s Communications Committee.

Casey Patrick, MD, FAEMS

Casey Patrick, MD, FAEMS, is medical director for Harris County ESD11 Mobile Healthcare and assistant medical director for the Montgomery County Hospital District EMS service in Greater Houston. Dr. Patrick is board certified in both Emergency and EMS Medicine and works as a community emergency physician in multiple states.

John (JP) Peterson, MS, MBA

John (JP) Peterson, MS, MBA, is the executive director at Mecklenburg EMS Agency (MEDIC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a licensed paramedic and holds National Board Certification as an occupational therapist. He is a past president of the Florida Ambulance Association.

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