Don't Miss Improving Ambulance/Rescuer Safety Session at FRI

Friday, August 27
1:30PM – 2:00PM
Location: S502ab
Presenter: Tim Crowley, EMT-P Battalion Chief (Ret.) from Las Vegas Fire & Rescue

Mr. Crowley, will discuss the risks that rescuers face in delivering quality care in the back of rapidly moving vehicles.  Health professionals have to perform critical patient care while unrestrained, such as CPR, airway management, and initiating IV access.  This session will highlight automated CPR technology, specifically the AutoPulse®.  The AutoPulse allows rescuers to be safely strapped in while its unique load-distributing LifeBand® squeezes a patient’s entire chest, providing clinically proven uninterrupted compressions, as opposed to standing over a patient performing manual CPR.

At the end of the session each attendee will receive “The Hazards of Providing Care in Emergency Vehicles: An Opportunity for Reform,” authored by David E Slattery, M.D., Medical Director of the City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue.  This major review article was published in Prehospital Emergency Care.

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