Texas woman casts vote from back of ambulance

Poll workers brought out an electronic pad allowing Janelle Crenshaw, 74, to vote from the ambulance after she suffered a medical emergency while waiting in line

By Laura French

BRYAN, Texas — A Texas woman cast her vote from the back of an ambulance after suffering a medical emergency at a polling place earlier this month. 

Janelle Crenshaw, 74, had just made it to the front of the line for early voting on Oct. 14 and was handing her ID to the poll worker when she began to feel lightheaded and then lost consciousness, according to KAGS

An EMS crew arrived and evaluated Crenshaw outside of the polling place, but she refused to go to the hospital and insisted that she wanted to vote. Crenshaw had already attempted to vote a day earlier, but had left when she began to feel ill after waiting in line for 45 minutes. 

After trying and failing to persuade Crenshaw to go to the hospital, an EMT spoke with a poll worker and told Crenshaw a voting machine could be taken out to the ambulance for her. Crenshaw enthusiastically agreed to the proposal, and an electronic pad was brought out, allowing her to cast her vote.

Crenshaw was taken to the hospital and told KAGS this week that she is feeling much better. She said she wanted to share her story to stress the importance of voting.

"I just think it's the most important thing we can do as citizens of this country," Crenshaw told the station. 


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