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Mich. county EMS personnel recognized in state capitol ceremony

Six members of Tri-Hospital EMS were honored for their contributions to EMS and their community

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LANSING, Mich. — The life-saving work of six Michigan first responders from Tri-Hospital EMS was recognized Sept. 20 at the state Capitol by the Michigan Association of Ambulance Services.

“EMS practitioners play an essential role in keeping the communities they serve safe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” MAAS Executive Director Angela Madden said in a news release. “Stars of Life is our favorite way to give thanks to the unsung EMS heroes who go above every day and beyond to provide life-saving care to Michigan residents.”

The recognition was part of the biennial Stars of Life ceremony, which celebrates the contributions of ambulance practitioners who go above and beyond the call of duty in service to their communities or the EMS profession. The event honored 48 EMS practitioners across the state and took place on the steps of the Michigan Capitol building.

Honorees included Robin Lee, of Crosswell; Tim Hock, of Jeddo; CeCe Forrester, of China Township; Marjie Fuller, of St. Clair; Ann Ropposch, of Port Huron, and Brianna Bissett, of Yale.

Lee has been an instructor for the past 23 years, the release states. Last year, she started teaching full time and has two EMT classes with 100% pass rates at National Registry on their first attempt.

“She’s an amazing instructor that is known and loved by all the local fire department personnel, as well,” the release states. “She comes up with innovative and creative ways to train at the EMR and EMT level.”

Hock, EMT-P, was a new paramedic and had been on his own for about six months. Forrester was an EMT at the time and recently finished her paramedic training and was testing with the National Registry. They received a call in the early afternoon last fall for a report of an infant cardiac arrest with CPR instructions being given over the phone.

“As the call comes across their radio, both Tim and CeCe showed no signs of stress, anxiety or apprehension as they quickly started in the direction of the call while confirming the location of the address,” the release states. “The two of them discussed how they were going to approach the call and determined who was going to grab what equipment when they got there. They worked quickly and calmly to successfully provide and secure all advanced life support measures before starting their emergency transport to the local hospital. Review of the electronic patient care report would reflect zero deficiencies in their course of treatment with no recommendations for improvement.”

Fuller has been with Tri-Hospital EMS since June 26, 1995.

“For the last 28 years, Marjie has been the face Tri-Hospital’s employees depend on for just about every aspect of the job,” the release states. “The staff have made it known that Marjie is the backbone of our operation when it comes to tending to their needs, whether it be credentialing, needing uniforms, dealing with insurance and pretty much anything the administration is unsure of, which usually ends with a ‘You should probably go see Marjie’ resolution from the supervisory aspect.”

Ropposch has exhibited “outstanding performance and longevity” to the organization throughout her career.

“Ann has been the backbone of the organization and supported the administration within the many different roles she’s held, from corporate compliance to human resources,” the release states. “She has dedicated herself to the financial stability and operations of the EMS system in St. Clair County, working alongside our president to assure the safe and efficient operations of EMS for the citizens of the county.”

As for Bissett, Richmond-Lenox EMS was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident located at Kinney Road at/near Burt Road in Emmett Township. Tri-Hospital Unit A-7 was sitting status in the village of Emmett and was dispatched to the location to assess injuries and advise Richmond-Lenox EMS.

“Upon arrival, Brianna identified critical victims, including a child in cardiac arrest,” the release states. “Brianna provided rapid care and transport to the child in cardiac arrest to local hospitals where the child was eventually air lifted to a trauma center for further care.”

MAAS is a statewide trade association representing and advocating for ambulance services, the release states. MAAS members serve nearly 80% of Michigan counties and were responsible for more than 1 million ambulance transports in 2022. MAAS members also provide community paramedicine, ER diversion and 911 services in several areas of Michigan. For more information, visit

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