EMT student uses newly-learned skills to save shooting victim

Najib Ahmed said he stumbled upon a man who had been shot and took off his shirt to wrap around his leg

By EMS1 Staff

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — A high school EMT student used his newly-learned skills to treat a shooting victim after stumbling upon him on the street.

CNY Central reported that Najib Ahmed, a junior at Public Service Leadership Academy at Fowler and a member of their EMT program, was in his neighborhood when he heard a man yelling on the phone and saw that he had been shot.

"I thought he was yelling at someone but he was on the phone with 911 cause he couldn't talk, so I asked him, ‘Are you okay sir?’ and he told me he'd been shot," Ahmed said.

Ahmed jumped into action after seeing the man’s leg was covered in blood and took his shirt off to wrap it around the leg.

The student said that while he was scared, he wasn’t going to let his fear stop him from helping the victim.

"I live in Syracuse so you know there's a lot of violence going on,” Ahmed said. “If I'm driving around or walking, I might see someone who needs help so I can help him.”

Ahmed’s instructor, Brandi Schaefer, said she is “so proud of him.”

“Not everyone can run to the emergency and help, most run away from things like this, so I was very excited," Schaefer said.

Ahmed will be eligible to go through a basic EMT class with professionals during his last year at school, and can become a certified EMT after passing the New York State test.


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