Addressing bias in patient care

What unconscious biases are your simulations enforcing?

How can EMS educators and leaders help prevent bias in patient care? One way is to make the unconscious conscious.

In this episode of The EMS Educator podcast, hosts Rob Lawrence and Hilary Gates, MAEd, NRP, welcome guests Katie O’Connor, EMS educator and simulation expert in LA County and Washington D.C.’s GWU; and Sahaj Khalsa, Santa Fe (New Mexico) Community College's EMS program director. Prodigy's Medical Director, Maia Dorsett, MD, PhD, FAEMS, FACEP, also weighs in.

Our guests discuss the importance of definitions, why words matter and the prevalence of bias in simulation (racial, age, gender, etc.).

They give tips on how to normalize the discussion, destigmatize bias and not always use white male manikins. 

If you’re an educator, chief or EMS employer, look at your data around this issue. Look at your scenarios and what they are reinforcing. Your clinicians will respond and improve. 

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What EMS leaders need to know about unconscious bias

Understanding your unconscious biases will make hiring decisions, disciplinary choices, relationships and clinical care more equitable

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