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Man charged with assault after punching Ohio medic several times

A call for a possible overdose turned violent when the patient attacked one of the paramedics prior to transport


By EMS1 Staff

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — A man was arrested and charged with fourth degree felony assault on a paramedic during a 911 call, WKBN 27 reported.

AMR paramedics responded to reports of a possible overdose. At the scene, Billy Jarrett, 58, requested to be taken to the hospital.

As the crew was securing Jarrett to the gurney, one of the medics noticed a hospital bracelet on the patient and attempted to cut it off. The move prompted Jarrett to begin swinging his arms, punching the paramedic in the face multiple times, pinning her to the gurney.

The medic reportedly suffered a bruise and several cuts under her eyes.

Jarrett was taken to a medical facility to be examined before he was transferred to jail. In addition to the assault charge, he also faces a misdemeanor count of obstructing official business.