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Engaging frontline providers with quality improvement

The importance of community involvement in advancing EMS research and quality

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The latest episode of the Inside EMS podcast features a conversation with Mic Gunderson, president of the EMS Quality Academy and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of Paramedicine.

The discussion offers insights into the evolution of EMS publications and the importance of quality and research in advancing the field.

Memorable quotes

“The people that most need to read current EMS research are the people most or least likely to read it.” — Kelly Grayson

“It isn’t really the people that were sitting in the cubicle with the red pen, marking up, you know, paper charts you know, and playing quality cop in the corner that were going to change process and system design and fundamentally improve the quality of what we do. It’s really about the whole way the organization is managed.” — Mic Gunderson

Key takeaways

  • The evolution of EMS publications. Gunderson detailed the journey from the inception of the National EMS Management Association (NEMSMA) to the creation of the International Journal of Paramedicine. Highlighting the shift from a quality manager’s focus to a broader management perspective, the conversation underscored the journal’s role in elevating EMS discussions through scholarly discourse.
  • A platform for diverse discourse. The International Journal of Paramedicine aims to expand beyond clinical topics to include operations, administration and science, offering a wide lens on EMS practices.
  • The challenge of engaging the frontline. A significant portion of the discussion revolved around engaging EMS practitioners in research and quality improvement. The podcast highlighted the need for accessible and relevant research to inform practice and encourage progressive changes in prehospital care.
  • Community and collaboration. The podcast underscored the importance of community involvement in advancing EMS research and quality. Gunderson’s call for volunteers and contributors to the journal reflects a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration within the EMS field.

The episode serves as a reminder of the vital role of research, quality improvement and community collaboration in advancing EMS practices.

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