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Fla. FF-medic needs a bone marrow transplant

Alachua County Fire Rescue is asking the public to help Brandon Boothby


Photo/Alachua County Fire Rescue

By Leila Merrill

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Firefighter-Paramedic Brandon Boothby needs a bone marrow transplant, WCJB reported.

Boothby was recently diagnosed with aplastic anemia, which is a blood condition.

In a show of support, his department, Alachua County Fire Rescue, has hosted a fundraiser and asked people for their help via social media.

“He’s just one of those individuals who gets along with everyone,” said Harold Theus, ACFR Fire Chief.

A transplant “could save his life ... If anybody would be willing to donate, if they were a match, we would be eternally grateful,” said Lauren Boothby, Brandon’s wife.

The couple had a child two months ago.

To see if you might be a match for Boothby or anyone else, click here.

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