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The Ebola topic features articles discussing how the Ebola outbreak happened, information EMS providers need to know and how EMS can identify symptoms and treat Ebola patients.

Disaster medicine expert Dr. Alex Isakov weighs in on infectious diseases on the horizon
CDC issues Health Advisory Network Health Advisory, for healthcare workers to be aware of the Ebola outbreak
Identify, isolate, and inform: The current situation on COVID, Ebola and Monkeypox
The plan would draw millions from HHS accounts, including an Ebola preparedness account, and fund vaccines, treatment and protective equipment
From dangerous active shooter events, to ET3, Ebola, opioids and community paramedicine, EMS providers faced many significant incidents and evolving trends in the 2010s
From mumps and measles, to the plague and Ebola, it is critical EMS is aware of the outbreaks, syndromes and conditions on the radar of public health
The Superior Ambulance team practices transporting patients with highly infectious diseases
The Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department is the latest transport hub in the Florida Infectious Disease Transportation Network, used to transport patients with Ebola or other diseases
The Frederick Memorial Hospital is required to hold an annual drill as part of the grant funding to help with being an assessment hospital
Infectious disease monitoring expanded amid Ebola Outbreak in the Congo
EMTs and paramedics must protect themselves with PPE, investigate symptoms and report findings to the hospital to identify potential infectious disease outbreaks
As the Democratic Republic of the Congo reports another Ebola outbreak, is EMS prepared with proper protocols and PPE?
The Ebola exercise helps county first responders and hospital staff prepare for any patient who may need care for a highly infectious disease
Issues to be addressed include isolation and quarantine, disease surveillance and contact tracing
The vacuum-sealed units allow rescuers to safely help victims of chemical and biological attacks