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When we travel, we get a chance to see other cities, meet other emergency management professionals and discover hazards that exist for the area we’re visiting
Responding to the medical needs of the 2015 Nepal earthquake survivors pushed a Calif. medic out her comfort zone as she strived to make a difference
After a 7.8 magnitude earthquake killed hundreds and injured tens of thousands in Ecuador, a former AMR medic was “Called to Care” for the injured and worried well
USA-01 and USA-2 members were thanked by the U.S. secretary of state and welcomed home by loved ones
USA-01 filled a plane with its crewmembers, equipment and dogs
Los Angeles County is sending dozens of search-and-rescue crewmembers, along with six search dogs and three structural engineers
Nearly 100 Los Angeles County firefighters and structural engineers and a half-dozen specially trained dogs were sent to Turkey to help with rescue efforts
The Rio Dell Fire Department was delayed in responding to some 60 calls because its garage doors were off the hinges and had to be pried open
Rescuers searched through eight collapsed buildings Saturday, pulling survivors from the rubble; 751 emergency vehicles and 20 sniffer dogs have been deployed
Police said dozens of non-emergency calls poured in within 10 minutes of the 4.6 magnitude quake
Local media reported that one person had died and another was injured in a home collapse in the aftermath of an initial 6.4 magnitude quake off the coast
“Loma Prieta Earthquake, 30 Years Later” reflects on the stories from the survivors, first responders and unsung heroes from the Bay Area quake
There have been thousands of aftershocks after the recent 7.1 and 6.4 magnitude earthquakes
There are significant reports of structure fires, mostly as a result of gas leaks or gas line breaks throughout the city
Hall Ambulance strike team is helping to transport patients to regional health facilities