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Denver hospital warns of paramedic scam

Denver Health Medical Center said a scammer has been claiming to be a paramedic and asks for personal information over the phone

By EMS1 Staff

DENVER — A phone scammer has been calling Denver residents and claiming to be a paramedic to obtain personal information, according to a hospital.

CBS Denver reported that Denver Health’s paramedic division was warned of a scammer who calls residents and pretends to be a paramedic at a traffic incident involving the residents’ family member.

“He said ‘Your daughters witnessed an incident yesterday, and we need to contact them to get more info,’” resident Mike McCarty said.

McCarty said he refused to give the man any information and when he tried to call the man back, the number was disconnected.

Denver Health said the scammer may want information to defraud the person that answers the phone, and urged the public that they are not involved.

“It’s not something we do. We never ask for someone’s personal info anytime, regardless of the incident we respond to,” Denver Health Lt. Jesse Trudel said.