Detroit EMS captain works front lines while living with tumor

Detroit EMS Supervisor Capt. Robert Calandro's surgery to have the tumor removed was canceled due to the pandemic

By Laura French

DETROIT — A Detroit EMS captain and paramedic waiting to have a tumor on his head removed is continuing to work on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic after his surgery was canceled. 

Detroit EMS Supervisor Capt. Robert Calandro has recently been working to test vulnerable populations for the virus, and said donning his equipment on the job can sometimes be uncomfortable due to the growing tumor, according to Click On Detroit. Calandro was scheduled to have the growth removed two days before most surgeries were canceled due to virus concerns. 

Calandro says in addition to helping manage the crisis by administering tests at homeless centers, senior apartments and nursing homes, he hopes to bring some comfort to vulnerable residents dealing with loneliness.

"You walk in there with all this gear on and they see you and some people are a bit scared – others are just excited to have some company," Calandro told Click On Detroit. 


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