Nev. community paramedicine to receive federal reimbursements

The amendment will allow community paramedicine services to be covered by Medicaid

CARSON CITY, Nev. — An amendment approved by the U.S. Department of Health will allow Medicaid coverage and reimbursements to include community paramedicine services. 

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Nevada to fill gaps in health care in both rural and urban locations around the state,” Marta Jensen, Division of Health Care Financing Policy Administrator said. 

The agreement was announced Monday by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, reported the Elko Daily Free Press.

The new regulations will be finalized and adopted at the Nevada State Board of Health in December. 

Four EMS services are currently certified to perform community paramedicine. The goal of the program is to improve patient health by expanding their access to primary and preventative care.

The plan will also save taxpayers money by reducing unnecessary ambulance and emergency department visits.

“Using EMS providers in an expanded role will increase patient access to primary and preventative care, save healthcare dollars and improve patient outcomes,” Nevada Assemblyman James Oscarson said.  

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