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EMS Compass looking for real-world testers of candidate measures

The organization is asking that EMS providers to implement the measures to test within their own systems and then provide feedback.

By EMS1 Staff

WASHINGTON — The EMS Compass Initiative has released its candidate measures for public testing. After deliberation and national collaboration through an NQF-modeled measure development process, they are requesting that EMS agencies help refine the candidate measures before they receive final approval.

EMS Compass measures allow EMS leaders and agencies to monitor their performance as a way to improve patient care directly within their systems. EMS Compass is requesting users to offer feedback after testing the measures in an effort to improve patient care nationwide.

Some agencies’ vendors may have already enabled them to use EMS Compass measures within their system. If not, EMS providers may be able to program these measures into their system. Once users implement the measures, users are asked to visit the EMS Compass site and submit their feedback.

An EMS Compass Vendor Readiness guide, the information needed for manual implementation in an electronic patient care or analytic software, and feedback forms are available here.

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