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150 Ky. first responders sign ‘no confidence’ petition against county 911 director

The petition alleges issues including an unreliable radio network, unnecessary spending and poor performance that risks first responders’ safety


By Laura French

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. — A group of first responders in a Kentucky county have signed a petition declaring “no confidence” in the county’s 911 director.

WKMS reports that 150 EMS providers, firefighters, dispatchers and law enforcement officers signed the petition listing several alleged problems related to Marshall County E-911 Director Chris Freeman’s performance.

The petition cites “dangerously” unreliable radio communications network, “exorbitant” unnecessary spending, “devastated” working relationships with other county agencies and the state criminal justice information system, and the “commandeering” of radio systems without consulting with first responder agencies.

The group of first responders, led by Marshall County Sheriff Eddie McGuire, also say that agencies have not been given the opportunity to join discussions about communications infrastructure and department needs.

“Emergency responders feel the attitude and performance of Marshall County E911 is at an all-time low which jeopardizes responder safety,” the petition states.

Fourteen spouses of first responders also signed a separate petition stating “the attitude and performance of E-911 Director Freeman wantonly jeopardizes the safety of those we love most.”

McGuire said the goal of the petition is to inform the county fiscal court and the public the first responders in the county had no confidence in the direction of the 911 center under Freeman’s leadership.

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