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Paramedic testifying in trial saves ill juror in court room

Bonnie-Jean Johnson was on the witness stand when an alternate juror collapsed

By EMS1 Staff

ALBANY, N.Y. — A paramedic testifying in a courtroom made a lifesaving move when she administered aid to a juror who fell ill.

Paramedic Bonnie-Jean Johnson was at the witness stand when an alternate juror collapsed; a deputy ran to retrieve a defibrillator, which Johnson used to revived the juror.

After being resuscitated, the juror was transported to the hospital.

“She immediately did what she does and saved the lady’s life,” Sheriff Craig Apple told the Times Union. “Good timing.”

Johnson was honored in 2015 for her leadership in EMS for “providing exemplary publicly engaged service in the form of quality emergency assistance and health education and training,” according to a Facebook post by the Guilderland Police Department.

Johnson was testifying in the trial of Tyler Pascuzzi, who is charged with killing two people in a 2014 crash while allegedly driving over 150 mph with a BAC of 0.18.